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Silver Update - Cycle Analysis Update

A pattern to watch out for the next 4 weeks to come

Silver Futures are currently in a short-term correction phase, but the long-term cycle is still projected to be in an upward phase until mid-2025. There may be a potential buying opportunity in July if the technical indicators align. The silver juniors ETF could be a possible investment option.

Update and short-term cycles for the analysis done in January:

Key Insights

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Stock Market Cycles
Stock Market Cycles
In the field of stock market analysis, it's vital to comprehend market cycles and their potential influence on timing within the market. By studying historical market cycles, analysts can recognize patterns and trends that might assist in forecasting future market performance. Keeping track of stock market cycles is essential for understanding global market timing. As cycle analysts, our main focus is to pinpoint occasions when long- and short-term cycles align. I am offering a refreshing analysis on stock market cycles to get your ears on global market timing.