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Gold-Miners-To-Gold Ratio

The recent rise in Gold - what to expect for miners? A cyclic perspective.

The video in this update shows an update on the daily and weekly cycles which can be identified on the Gold-Miners-To-Gold ratio. The analysis gives us clues for future timing and expectation on the Gold miner stocks.


The charts discussed are presented below.

Daily cycle analysis

205 days cycle in XAU/GOLD ratio - 14. April 2024

Weekly cycle analysis

253/184/112 weeks cycle in XAU/GOLD ratio - 14. April 20224

Weekly technical chart and cyclic tuned RSI

XAU, XAU/GOLD ratio and cRSI with signals - 14. April 2024

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Stock Market Cycles
Stock Market Cycles
In the field of stock market analysis, it's vital to comprehend market cycles and their potential influence on timing within the market. By studying historical market cycles, analysts can recognize patterns and trends that might assist in forecasting future market performance. Keeping track of stock market cycles is essential for understanding global market timing. As cycle analysts, our main focus is to pinpoint occasions when long- and short-term cycles align. I am offering a refreshing analysis on stock market cycles to get your ears on global market timing.