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Cycles Heads-Up!

Quick recap of current market cycle analysis

“Heads-Up!” is a new format where will give a recap of current analysis that is still valid — there is no change in overall analysis already published.

Referenced analysis and proposal to (re-)read see below.

If there are new cycle analysis projections, I will post a new update. This post is a recap.


Referenced valid cycle analysis reports:

Beyond Stock Market Cycles
Market Cycles Update Feb. 2023
Please find below current cycle charts for the global markets. 2023 will be important in regards to time the expected bottom of the long term model. Audio commentary at the bottom of the post. » Long-Term Cycles Model - Original Review and Update Original Cycles Model from October 2021…
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Beyond Stock Market Cycles
Stock Market Cycles Update - March
This article does not comment on the latest financial chatter from the mainstream media and financial analysts. One gets the feeling that media and financial analysts currently have no answer to anything at the moment. » This post will deal solely with dynamic time-cycle analysis…
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Beyond Stock Market Cycles
Tech Sector Cycles Update (Apple)
We follow these cycles since late summer 2022. In September ‘22 we started to publish this composite model and followed since then. Check the original article and the follow ups listed below. » “Cycle model projects the next important downswing in [AAPL] i…
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Stock Market Cycles
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